Jane Austen’s Sewing Box

Bought on a recent trip to Bath (amazing place), it’s such a lovely little book with ideas for sewing¬†cushions, pillowcases, cravats,¬†work-bags, paper flowers, purses, fashion and furniture accessories among others. There are also a lot of quotes and lovely pictures which fill up the book, at first you would think this would be distracting and a bit annoying but there are some lovely paintings showing examples of the current fashions. This is a book you can use again and again. I have several projects in mind for little things i would like to make from this book.



I was suddenly inspired for ideas on patterns for handbags, any period really and came across this lovely picture of a white, 1830’s muslin dress with a purple reticule and thought it was lovely, very simple and something similar to a pattern i had come across in a book, Jane Austen’s Sewing Box. Inspired now to see if i can find anymore examples.