Size Charts

Something which was really important for me to get right was the size charts i will use to measure my patterns from. It was actually a really painful¬†experience that i am so glad i never have to do again (I hope). Turns out that not only do every shop in the world have different measurements they follow but every country is different as well. I’ve kept it simple though, as this would make using the patterns to complicated and of course as long as people are more than generous with the fabric hopefully there won’t be a problem.

I found this¬†brilliant page by the American’s which was so useful for the basic start and made little simple diagrams for me to use in future. I’ve made small, medium and large sizes for women, haven’t done men or children yet.

I keep adding things as i go so this will probably be just to start with. If only cloth sizes were more universal….


Did you know………..

Apparently a crinoline could be as wide as 225 inches …. HUGE yet the average 1860’s ones i am looking at were between 90 and 105 inches. While there is also some complicated math equation to work it out, for example, if your waist is 28 inches you X that by 90 which is 2,520 which you then divide by 26 which gives you 96.9 meaning the width of your crinoline will be 97 inches. I have no idea how this works, does make me want to learn maths though. The impressive page is here.