Roman Baths, Bath

I also visited the Roman baths while i was in Bath, been there before but its still interesting everytime you go back and you can never get bored of the old thermal baths.









For some reason there isn’t many photos, i think most of mine were taken at the Fashion museum.


Fashion Museum, Bath

We also visited the Fashion museum in Bath, i love it there and they had changed some of their displays around so there were costumes i did not see last time which was lovely, i think these photos contribute to the bulk of my 600 odd photo’s from Bath.

P1020178 P1020174 P1020162 P1020161 P1020159 P1020126 P1020129 P1020137 P1020140 P1020152 P1020121 P1020118 P1020117 P1020116 P1020113 P1020092 P1020093 P1020071 P1020074 P1020079 P1020098 P1020103 P1020080 P1020089 P1020105 P1020049 P1020009 P1010995 P1010999 P1020016 P1020053 P1020059 P1020023 P1020003 P1020004 P1020030 P1020061 P1020067 P1020032 P1020008 P1010990 P1010969 P1010966 P1010989 P1010988 P1010961 P1010959 P1010972 P1010971 P1010958 P1010954

Jane Austen Festival

The Jane Austen Festival was really amazing, due to family circumstances i wasn’t able to finish my costumes but me and my partner had a lovely time. Besides visiting all the sites we ran around all over Bath just to follow the festival which has resulted in a video i have had to edit due to my constant swearing… which i’ve put down to my excitement.

P1020225 P1020228 P1020229 P1020243 P1020250 P1020252 P1020258 P1020260 P1020261 P1020267 P1020273 P1020284 P1020285 P1020296

I wrote this Blog post a week ago thinking it wouldn’t take very long for me to upload the video i made of the promenade, turns out it took forever, but it’s finished now and here it is.

Jane Austen Festival, Bath

so, this year i’m going, YEAHHH, really excited about this. Even more excited now that i have booked the hotel and the programme is up and tickets for sale for different events.

The festival is from the 13th to the 21st of September, but sadly i will on be up there between the 12th and 15th of September, yet i’m still planning on going to the pre-festival get together on friday, as were newbies, the grand regency costumed promenade on saturday (detailed account of costumes to come :D), the festival fayre in the afternoon with hopefully a viewing of pride and prejudice and perhaps a nice stroll around Bath in ordinary clothes before we go home on Sunday.

I’ve already started planning what we’re going to wear, drawing out the patterns for my other halfs costume already.





I’ve already started the shirt and almost finished, while i have to write out the patterns for my costumes yet, all to be done two months.

New Year, New Dresses

so… i had a reallllllllllly long break, i was feeling really overwhelmed with studying and this, and i have started the Duke of Edinburgh award so that should be cool, but i am back on it now. before Xmas i finished my Regency long sleeve dress, Lydia and the undergarments to go with it as well.

2012-11-09 19.57.26

I made pockets, but then changed my mind 😀

P1010519 P1010523 P1010517 P1010518 P1010514 P1010515 2012-11-09 19.48.31

I’m not 100 % happy with how the sleeves turned out but otherwise i quite happy with it, might even dare to take it with me to the Jane Austen Festival this September.