I’m Back!!!!

Turns out I really miss sewing, life took over a bit but now I’m living with my other half in our own place I have free run to do as I want and make as much mess as I need, I’ve even been teaching him to sew!  20160916_133016

I’ve started drawing, focusing on what i want to make and i already have a massive list. It feels good to be back, blogging and sewing.



Downton Abbey – Xmas Special

I FINALLY got to watch the xmas special of Downton Abbey recently after being outnumbered this christmas. I did read a lot of people complaining that it was boring, even though the same people complained it was too much during that infamous rape scene. I however did not find it boring, it wasn’t Game Of Thrones exciting but the costumes were really beautiful.

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The Paradise – S2 – Episode 1

Interesting from the word go. Moray has run away to Paris after the wedding was called off, i swear he called it off, but i can’t remember, anyhow she is telling everyone she called it off as she doesn’t love him. Katherine is clearly still in love with him even though she has married another man, Mr Weston (I’m sure its the same guy who played Lord Kildare in The Aristocrats.

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 13_17_35

After her fathers death she has called Moray back from Paris, she wants to take control over the paradise, however her husband has other plans.

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 13_29_06


Moray and Denise, Still madly in love and with plans that they might marry are focusing on getting The Paradise back on its feet and back into the hands of Moray.

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 13_44_28

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 13_46_18

Yet it seems Katherine has more than just Moray and the Paradise to worry about, when her husband is not with her he is planning behind her back and when he is with her he doesn’t believe her protestations that she has only summoned Moray back for the Paradise, or her reasons for ‘calling off’ the wedding.

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 13_53_37

Yet we have some new characters to keep us entertained, like Mr Weston’s 10 year old daughter and her ADORABLE wardrobe and some new staff at the Paradise; a foul mouthed cook with big dreams, a sneaky warehouse worker and a new female shop assistant.

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 13_56_31


Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 14_02_56

Of course Clara is still at her old game though i think Moray is none but impressed by her extra friendliness and there will be fireworks when Clara realises she can’t beat Denise.
Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 14_13_43

I really do love the costumes in this, they seem much better than last year.





Little Boys in Frilly Dresses! – Part One

I don’t know if anybody else has noticed that little boys before the first world war always wore little frilly dresses, just like the ones their sisters were wearing. I collected loads of photo’s of the Russian royal family from the internet after reading about them and bought several books (The Camera and the Tsars: The Romanov Family in Photographs and Queen Victoria’s Family, both by Charlotte Zeepvat) which had loads of photos like this.

After researching these little boys fashions i found that before the first world war its has always been like this.


The above are picture of boys, the little boy in the pink dress is American and would have continued to wear dresses until he was breeched, which i guess has something to do with boys in earlier times wearing breeches when they were considered a child and not a toddler anymore. Also in this photo, the young boy’s bodice has no point going down as a young girls would (which would have been following the line of the corset underneath) which is something that would have made the two sexes distinguishable.

You can also see this here with the three eldest children of the Prince of Wales, the two children sitting are the future George III and his brother Edward. Edward is wearing a similar dress to the boy above while George’s dress is very similar to his sister’s Augusta’s, yet they are distinguishable by the cut in George’s Bodice which the pointed edge is atached to his apron, while his sisters bodice has a pointed edge with no cut.



Later on the fashions became more blurred, with practicality taking precedence over rules and symbols as children were becoming more playful and free in there portraits. Above is two boys playing with each other and animals, unrestricted by lace and stiff bodices. While young girls were portrayed in similar scenes and demonstrating that fashion had inevitably moved on, they still had the stiff pointed bodices over their restricting corsets, perhaps predicting the strict fashion code and social codes they would have to follow later in their lives.

Above is George III youngest daughters Mary, Sophia and Amelia.



Jane Austen’s Sewing Box

Bought on a recent trip to Bath (amazing place), it’s such a lovely little book with ideas for sewing cushions, pillowcases, cravats, work-bags, paper flowers, purses, fashion and furniture accessories among others. There are also a lot of quotes and lovely pictures which fill up the book, at first you would think this would be distracting and a bit annoying but there are some lovely paintings showing examples of the current fashions. This is a book you can use again and again. I have several projects in mind for little things i would like to make from this book.

Miss Virginia Lachasse


I first spotted her in the V & A’s Golden Age of Couture book that accompanies the exhibition. I visited the V & A at this time but sadly  i didn’t go in and see it; I absolutely love all her little clothes, they are all perfect little miniatures of real garments created by the big fashion houses of the day.

I did a little more research on the fashion dolls i posted a while ago on inspiration and found that they belonged to this little travelling group who go round the world exhibiting different styles of high fashion.

As well as doing replica’s of fashion’s from history they also recreate the fashion of the day, they recreate everything down to the tiny shoes!