Costume Designers Guild Award Nominations 2013

The nominations for this years costume designers are out and there are some really good ones, but i haven’t had a chance to see some of the films here in England as they have only just come out. Here there are.

I have also found out that Anna Karenina is out on DVD on the 4th February here, must buy this as i did really enjoy it.


And also the 2012 adaption of Great Expectations, which i missed is out at the end of march.



Great Expectations (2012)

You know when you see an advert for a film and you get SUPER excited and then its been like forever before you hear anymore about it that you think it must have disappearedĀ of the face of the earth…. well, one has reappeared. I was so excited about this one becauseĀ Helena Bonham Carter is in it and she is always brilliantly dramatic, it’s out at the end of November over here. It seems that a load of costume dramas have happened all at once, yeah lol.