Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 8 – Finale

There’s going to be a game of cricket, everyone is very excited and the men are all very competitive about it. Downstairs the end is nigh for Thomas, hes rather a broken man at the fought of all hes losing and to add insult to injury, O’Brien convinces Jimmy it would be best if he told the police, god forbid Thomas should attack again! :/.

There’s a new visitor to Downton, lady Rose, or rather the dowager Countess’s house as the young, naive 18 year old will be staying with her auntie.

Anna and Bates meanwhile finally begin to enjoy there marital bliss with there own, rather dingy house, which they soon make up to shape. As a wife, Anna can no longer work at the great house and is replaced by a new maid, yet shes so unimportant we never get to see her. Mr Bates in all his martial bliss doesn’t forget what he has so recently left and can’t help but feel bad for Thomas as he watches him go further down hill, and soon sets himself to task to find out what is really going on.

Edith meanwhile is blossoming in to the perfect journalist and is attracting the attentions of her editor, yet perhaps secretly enjoying these, like the shrewd detective goes on a mission to find out all about his life. Alongside her trampling’s through London, Lady Rose decides she wants to come as well, to create a “surprise” or something along that line for her Mother. Edith isn’t so convinced that she is the sweet and innocent girl she makes herself out to be and is glad when Matthew wishes to come as well on his own business for a bit of support. So they all go happily trotting off to Aunt Rosemond’s and leave Lady Rose to her own devices.

In the meantime Matthew visits a doctor as he is still convinced that he is the reason the they are not conceiving, however, surprising bumps in to Mary there, who admits all her secret excursions to him. Turns out she is the problem and after a small operation should be perfectly fine to conceive, to the great relief of Matthew. However on another, much seedier part of town, Lady Rose is rumbled after leaving her scarf in a cab with a married man in a jazz club by Edith, Matthew and Rosemond. Matthew demands that she return or he will tell all, so Lady Rose leaves as swiftly as she came leaving her lover to his “horrid wife”.

Back at Downton Bates convinces Thomas that they can take down O’Brien together, Thomas stunned that Bates would want to help him discovers help comes from a man who also knows what it is like to be out of control of your life. Thomas tells Bates a secret, and if you have been watching since season One you will instantly remember one particularly terrible thing O’Brien did will her ladyships soap. O’Brien of course horrified, returns and convinces Jimmy that to ring the police would be the wrong thing, however Alfred is listening and decides to take matters into his own hands.

At the all important game of cricket, Robert has convinced Tom to play, only in exchange for agreement in the updating of Downton’s house management and all goes swimmingly on the lovely summers day. Mosley has been boasting all episode of his knowledge of cricket, yet sadly it turns out that that is the end of his experience of cricket as he is a terrible player. Thomas, Matthew and Tom all do very well everything looks to be going perfectly until the police show up. Alfred has rung them and Robert has to save the day, agreeing that Thomas should stay and having a very cavalier attitude to something of a hot topic pre-1960’s. Alfred is convinced in the end, Thomas becomes under butler, Jimmy 1st footman and Bates is back in his position of valet; Tom has confided that he wants to stay at Downton and let his daughter grow up there, to the great delight of the Countess.

It all ended on such a lovely, happy note that i am sure there will be dumps along the Xmas special, i soooooo hope Edith gets it on with the Editor and will get to see little Sybil a bit older. But for the meantime i am just have to content myself with the season three box-set and screen capturing all the lovely costumes.


Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 3

Here we are again, still no chance of being bored yet. We jump into the preparations for Edith’s wedding, yet it is sadly shadowed by the inevitable sale of Downton which, even with Mary and the Dowager Countess’ plotting can’t avoid. Anna goes on searching for information in hope to free innocent Bates, coming across one of Vera’s friends who doesn’t think very much of Bates, while the man himself has his own problems when his cell mate stitches him up with what i guess is some sort of drug, but Bates finds it just in time to save his neck.


Back at the house Thomas gets back at O’Brien for hiding the shirts with a lie that she intends to leave Lady Cora, who at this news is really disappointed. O’Brien finds out eventually and declares war on Thomas while Mrs Hughes is still waiting for the news, is it cancer? Mr Carson sniffs out her troubles and informs Lady Cora, worried that her job may be too much stress for her. Lady Cora informs Mrs Hughes that, no matter what, she will always have a home at Downton, sick or not, which greatly touches Mrs Hughes. Upstairs Matthew and Mary are having their own drama when he is certain to get the money and will not read a letter that Reggie Swire has left him, which turns out not to matter because Mary reads it for him, telling him that he knows everything that went on just before Lavinia died and still wants to give him the money because he’s a great guy. Matthew being completely stubborn won’t except this and things someone faked the letter.

In the end it turns out Lavinia did post a letter and Daisy did it for her, causing great relief for Mary who tell Matthew if he doesn’t except the money she will batter him over the head. They agree that they shouldn’t steal Edith’s thunder and will tell everyone later. Edith’s joy is unparalleled and it brings the sisters closer together, with even Mary wishing her good luck. But sadly (and i actually cried when i watched it…. and swore) Edith’s happiness wasn’t meant to be, Sir Anthony looks like he has cold feet while sitting in the church and at the alter changes his mind, leaving Edith standing there in dismay and the Dowager Countess has to step in, telling him to leave and agreeing with him that he is to old for Edith. Its all very sad when they take down the flowers and hide all the food, while the servants are a bit bemused as what to eat first among it all, with Alfred much preferring cheese.

This episode end on a bitter sweet tone, Mrs Hughes doesn’t have cancer and Robert excepts Matthews money only on the condition if he is a partner at Downton. I’m hoping this sadness for Edith will lead on to something greater and perhaps she will be the one who surprises them all? But for know the drama of the next episode seems to solely be with Sybil and Branson who looks like he has got himself into trouble in Ireland. (I can’t seem to find the preview, but when i do i will post it).