New Addition

This is my new addition to my rapidly expanding collection of mannequins.

20131024_124130Her name is Demi and i got her off this wonderful american company called Truly Victorian who make these beautiful miniature mannequins, they aren’t to miniature however that you can’t go into a lot of detail when making your costumes or fashions, and very useful when you’re on a tight budget. I’ve already started planning and drafting.


Lincoln (2013) Trailer

I don’t really know a great deal about American history but saw the latest advert for the new Steven Spielberg film about Abraham Lincoln and i can’t wait, looks really interesting… and lots of costumes of course.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 1

YEAH, ive been so excited all day, its the only thing that has got me through work, normally its the expectant lovely roast dinner my mother makes but even the dissapointment of no roast hasn’t stopped my excitement. As ever Julian Fellowes pushes in as much as he can into one episode making you desperate for more; the hour and a half episode begins with introducing all the important stories that will probably flow throughout the whole season, we see mary and and matthew rehersing for their wedding day while their family bicker on all manner of subjects from flowers and clergymen to Sybil’s uncertain arrival. Anna visit Mr Bates, who confesses his dislike for his dodgy new cell mate and Anna’s intentions of not leaving a single stone unturned.


Mr Carson is troubled with the lack of a footman (thomas having taken Bates’ position of valet in his absence) and is unwillingly saved by O’Brians meddling with Lady Grantham to get her nephew Alfred the position, he’s willing but there are a few embrassing hick-ups in the drawing room. Lord Grantham is perhaps the most troubled of all, a sure venture to raise more money during the war has fallen flat and lost Robert a great part of Cora’s inheritance.
More drama unfolds with the arrival of Lady Sybil and Mr Branson, who at dinner time can ‘t hold his tounge on his political views concerning Ireland, yet after an evening of too many drinks Mr Branson really embrasses himself by yelling across the room. However it soon turns out that he is the victim of a cruel joke when his drink is spiked by a guest at dinner, Lady Sybils old flame. Among all the confusion Matthew asks Tom to be his best man to the delight of his future wife and sister in law.


Sir Anthony strallan is invited to the wedding to Ediths great delight, who continues to use all her powers to get the man who’s probably her only chance at happiness. Cora’s mother arrives, the formidable Martha Levison who goes battle in a war of words with the Dowager countess. Robert finally tells his wife of his money worries and Mary the day before her wedding, who at the news that Matthew might inherit the late Mr Swire’s large fortune is relieved at the prospect of saving Downton, yet Matthew can’t take the money knowing he broke Lavinia’s heart which causes a massive fight between the two and placing the wedding in dought.


In the end Branson and Anna save the day, reminding them that they love each other and all marriages come with difficulty; so we all get what we wanted in the end, a beautiful wedding that was lined with people on every street corner, a beautiful village chruch and the most stunning 1920’s wedding dress i have ever seen.


In april i was sadly dissapointed in Fellowes new adaption of the sinking of the Titanic, yet its impossible for me to say that about this and i really can’t wait for the next episode which, from the adverts seems to centre around the prospect of Lady Edith getting married. EXCITED.