The Paradise – S2 – Episode 1

Interesting from the word go. Moray has run away to Paris after the wedding was called off, i swear he called it off, but i can’t remember, anyhow she is telling everyone she called it off as she doesn’t love him. Katherine is clearly still in love with him even though she has married another man, Mr Weston (I’m sure its the same guy who played Lord Kildare in The Aristocrats.

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After her fathers death she has called Moray back from Paris, she wants to take control over the paradise, however her husband has other plans.

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Moray and Denise, Still madly in love and with plans that they might marry are focusing on getting The Paradise back on its feet and back into the hands of Moray.

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Yet it seems Katherine has more than just Moray and the Paradise to worry about, when her husband is not with her he is planning behind her back and when he is with her he doesn’t believe her protestations that she has only summoned Moray back for the Paradise, or her reasons for ‘calling off’ the wedding.

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Yet we have some new characters to keep us entertained, like Mr Weston’s 10 year old daughter and her ADORABLE wardrobe and some new staff at the Paradise; a foul mouthed cook with big dreams, a sneaky warehouse worker and a new female shop assistant.

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Of course Clara is still at her old game though i think Moray is none but impressed by her extra friendliness and there will be fireworks when Clara realises she can’t beat Denise.
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I really do love the costumes in this, they seem much better than last year.





The Paradise – Season Two

I got quite a shock at work while on my break watching telling to discover that The Paradise is back on our tellies, starting from this Sunday gone, i had no idea, or warning (i’m a bit sad, i like to get excited before one of my favourite period dramas comes back on the telly). However the advert looks brilliant, yet it doesn’t seem to mention anything about the budding romance between the main to characters, even Moray’s ex-romance-ex-fiance seems to still be in the picture. however, i may have got it all wrong in my shrieking exciting, thankfully i was alone in the room at the time. Here are some yummy photos of the upcoming series.