Some Home Truths

I’m afraid I’m going to bore you all with a few little home truths for myself because i think i need to hear it, and considering i don’t really like listening to other people i’m gonna write it down here so i can’t avoid it. sooo … if you don’t like reading depressive stuff, i’ll add a bunch of pretty pictures so you don’t have too 😀 .


I haven’t been on this blog for several months now, i feel i could make up a load of excuses and that would make it ok but i would just be just lying to myself so i don’t see the point. I originally made this blog for my costumes and anything historically related to fashion, as i’ve got older my priorities and interests have all changed, I still LOVE costumes and want to occasionally write about them but after completing my degree in  English Lit i’ve discovered where my real passion is, writing.

However, i’ve always struggled with everything i have ever done and i believe its because as a little girl i was always told (naming no names :D) i wasn’t really smart enough to do anything and i believed them. So in May when i graduated it was the biggest achievement ever, i could final prove to myself and others that i was capable of doing anything that i put an insane amount of effort into. But now that is over i’ve got myself back into a hole, I can hear all those horrid stories i was told when i was little and its affecting everything i do.


I know i’m not the only person out there with these kind of confidence issues and its really inspiring when you read all theses stories from people who really did start at the bottom and have now achieved something wonderful. But when your stuck in your little village in the corner of nowhere with nobody interesting to talk too, its hard to remember this (thought I should say I do have interesting people in my life, its just a bit boring when your partially deaf and can’t hear anyone :)).


So, the point of my little ramble is, I want to resurrect Patterns from History, not quite from the grave, but more like a 9 month coma, because my motivation apparently went with it, and by writing it on here I’m compelled to look at it whenever i’m on here and I’ve written it for the anyone to see, which apparently telling other people of your plans is a big helper in motivation.

I’m currently studying for my Masters Degree in English so i’m hoping everything on here will go nicely together. So the resurrection of Patterns from History begins with bright, sunny photo of one of my favourite places in Cornwall, Trelissick.



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