The Paradise – Season Two

I got quite a shock at work while on my break watching telling to discover that The Paradise is back on our tellies, starting from this Sunday gone, i had no idea, or warning (i’m a bit sad, i like to get excited before one of my favourite period dramas comes back on the telly). However the advert looks brilliant, yet it doesn’t seem to mention anything about the budding romance between the main to characters, even Moray’s ex-romance-ex-fiance seems to still be in the picture. however, i may have got it all wrong in my shrieking exciting, thankfully i was alone in the room at the time. Here are some yummy photos of the upcoming series.



2 thoughts on “The Paradise – Season Two

  1. knotrune says:

    I love the Paradise 🙂 I had seen the trailer saying it was coming soon, but didn’t realise how soon until checking the TV guide on Sunday itself. Does it get any better than Paradise followed by Downton? 🙂 I blame Miss Audrey for my purchase of a purple bustle dress from an antique shop last year. It lives on my dress form Gertie, who I now have to call Miss Gertrude. My husband just about tolerates her lurking in the corner of our lounge!

    • cornishdreamer says:

      I know, I work all day sunday so it couldn’t get any better for me. I’m so glad i’m not the only person who names their mannequins, I have an old one Dorothy, but i’ve got a newer, smaller one now, demi. lol

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