Fashion Museum, Bath

We also visited the Fashion museum in Bath, i love it there and they had changed some of their displays around so there were costumes i did not see last time which was lovely, i think these photos contribute to the bulk of my 600 odd photo’s from Bath.

P1020178 P1020174 P1020162 P1020161 P1020159 P1020126 P1020129 P1020137 P1020140 P1020152 P1020121 P1020118 P1020117 P1020116 P1020113 P1020092 P1020093 P1020071 P1020074 P1020079 P1020098 P1020103 P1020080 P1020089 P1020105 P1020049 P1020009 P1010995 P1010999 P1020016 P1020053 P1020059 P1020023 P1020003 P1020004 P1020030 P1020061 P1020067 P1020032 P1020008 P1010990 P1010969 P1010966 P1010989 P1010988 P1010961 P1010959 P1010972 P1010971 P1010958 P1010954


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