1660s Corset

I’ve always wanted to do a dress from the 1660s, the big puffy sleeves and low, risky shoulders are the staple of the restoration of Charles II to the throne of England. And now I can really focus on it and take my time ive decided to finally do it. One thing always stopping me was how complicated the corsets are and there isn’t many references on the types of undergarments avaliable. However there is one amazing example in the Victoria and Albert Museum which is still in great condition. I’ve never seen it there myself but this lovely lady has added pictures from her trip there.




Looking at it closely you can see the boning channels and where each piece attaches to the next and it turns out that i have the same corset in my book Underwear Fashion in Detail and between the difference references I have drawn a rough outline of the corset pattern.

mum6767i568032 mum6767i568030


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