Brilliant anaylsis of the costumes from Anna Karenina, with some lovely original sketches from the designer.

Thread By Thread: Costumes on Screen

With the announcement of Oscar Nominations out, I am pleased to resume my coverage of the nominees for Best Costume Design. I dropped the ball last year, but I truly enjoy the nominees this year. It’s a tough category but I think the nominee’s themselves are no surprise. First up I will cover previous Oscar Winner Jacqueline Durran’s costumes for Anna Karenina. Now, from my own viewing and from what I have gathered from others’ opinions, not many are surprised at the nomination but seem to agree that the film is stylistically pleasing but that the execution is off. Personally, I would have loved to see Joe Wright mount this adaptation on Broadway where I think much of the choreographed movements and static moments could have flourished.

The film itself is set in Imperial Russia in 1873, during the reign of Tsar Alexander III (That is two more Tsar’s reigns…

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I’ve decided that Picture of the Week is now going to evolve into a picture post with several pictures about a particular topic because my Pinterest board is starting to grow nicely. So I’ve named it Pin-spiration, with my first one about street wear from the 1920’s, all of the photos i have collected on my pinterest board here.


1928, Paris

Ascot, 1921 (not really street i know but outdoors all the same)

Claudette Colbert, 1920’s


Paul Poiret, circa 1920 wool day dress

Paul Poiret navy wool day dress, 1925