Wish i could go see this, never been Ham house either!!

Damn, That's Some Fine Tailoring

I know I’ve written A LOT about costume design recently but twitter has just announced to me that a number of (Oscar-nominated) costumes from Anna Karenina (2012) are going to be on display at Ham House and Gardens. This is a National Trust house in Richmond and was used for filming some scenes in Anna Karenina. I didn’t love the costumes in the film as much as I was hoping, particularly as I love Jacqueline Durran’s work, but I think more of my film-related issues were to do with the film itself.

Back in 2009, Chiswick House put the (Oscar-winning) costumes for The Duchess (2008) on display. The National Trust has a wonderful appreciation of the costumes and displaying them in the most appropriate way. Displaying costumes associated with the Oscars obviously brings press and more public visitors to the houses. Why not? You can still appreciate the houses and…

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