So… i have neglected my blog shamefully over the last week or two, but i am back on it now after writing my first essays and have several things planned. I have almost finished Arabella and i started Lydia, my 1810’s day dress, inspired by this picture from pinterest.


I am also planning a 1840’s day dress inspired from another picture on pinterest and from my own books…. there’s a bunch more which I’ve forgotten, but it will all be up here anyway. I am also going to try an experiment, i was reading about the daily lives of dressmakers and seamstresses in Victorian England and learnt how hard it was for them.

I had read the book Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell and in in it Ruth is a dressmaker before she runs off and scandalizes everyone by getting pregnant, (good book, made me laugh to read that some eminent authors of the time burnt the book in disgust lol) but she does describe life as a dressmaker and how hard and drool life was for them. Anyway, i read here on the lovely internet by this lady that women could work up to 20 hours a day and get 10 minutes for breakfast, 15 minutes for lunch and 20 for supper, only if they had got on well or they would have no supper and had to carry on until 4 or 5 in the morning. I though this was epic and made me appreciate my measly 5 and 6 hour shifts sat at my checkout; so i decided that i would try it out. I am on holiday this Monday for a week so after i have walked the dog tomorrow i am going to do an all-day-er and stick it out for 20 hours.

I am going to make my 1840’s dress from above and it will be interesting to see how far i can get, i will be doing it all by hand as well, as that was how Ruth worked and my working class equivalent would have not been able to afford one anyway. I also found out a while ago that my Great Great Grandmother was a dress maker in the early 1860’s when she was about my age so this will bring home just how hard she worked everyday just down the road from where i am now.

ALSO, very shamefully i will add the final episode details of Downton Abbey, which was amazing and so lovely with its very English game of cricket :D.


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