Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7

WOOOH BATES IS FREE, all is good in Downton with justice restored, of course everyone is happy, some of the staff are awkward round Mr Bates, but does he care, hell no, he’s free. As life carries on Alfred asks Ivy out on a date to the cinema, of course not alone as that would be improper and without the written consent of all the staff… Matthew’s still harping on about the management of the house, Tom is on his side but is a little bit scared of Robert, can’t imagine why, its not like they’re interfering with his lifes work or anything.

Edith is still flirting with the idea of writing in the newspaper and Matthew supports her new occupation, of course Robert doesn’t and demands that Matthew stops encouraging her, Edith seems more determined than ever at this slight and goes to meet the Editor. While Back downstairs Jimmy is convinced Mr Carson doesn’t like him and neither does anybody else (he’s obviously just mentioning the men!) and confines his troubles to Thomas who’s more than a willing shoulder to cry on.

But, later on as Alfred, Ivy and the others return from their jaunt to the cinema, Thomas chooses exactly the wrong time to go into Jimmy’s and Alfred’s room and kiss Jimmy on the lips. Sadly he is interrupted by Alfred bashing through the door in his shining armour, sadly he doesn’t need rescuing and Jimmy threatens to beat up a very disheartened Thomas as a very bemused Alfred watches.

As the drama unfolds downstairs Edith gets on jolly well with her editor and accepts his offers but she also causes other mischief when she places an advert for a job for Ethel on the Dowager’s bidding without Mrs Crawley knowing, of course this doesn’t go down very well with Mrs Crawley, yet Ethel might do anything to get away from the taunts and remarks from the villagers.


As the christening for little Sybil approaches, Tom invites his brother who is asked to stay with the family, yet makes an impromptu stop downstairs to the amusement of the staff and Tom’s dismay who quickly sends him upstairs.

Jimmy finally comes to the decision that he should tell Mr Carson what happened with Thomas and if Carson hadn’t read the bible i am sure he would have never heard of such sodomites. Poor Thomas admits to his faults, in the eyes of the law anyway and his job now hangs in the balance.

The christening is a solemn affair and Tom gets his way in the end and has a catholic ceremony, while everyone poses for pictures the tension and sadness is evident and poor Robert is not so convinced about posing with this catholic chap.


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