Downton Abbey – Season 3 Episode 6

It starts very sober, everybody dressed in black leaving Sybils funeral, i am kinda glad we didn’t get to see it, it would have been too sad; however things look on the up for Bates, Anna’s trying desperately hard to free him and it looks like one of Vera’s friends is the answer. Back in the house Cora is the one struggling the most while pinning all the blame on poor Robert, she makes it clear she blames him and cannot forgive him.

It becomes evident that poor Robert is at war with everybody in the house and he is on the losing side, Tom makes it clear he wants his daughter to be a catholic like him, and intends to name the little girl after her mother (I had so hoped he would) everybody but Robert agrees who thinks it would be morbid.

Back downstairs Mr Carson has made it clear that nobody is to visit the Crawley’s house or be tainted by Ethel’s disgrace, of course Mrs Patmore ignores him and helps Ethel prepare a meal for all the Downton ladies which, to Mrs Crawley’s surprise turns out very well. Of course Mr Carson finds out and informs Robert who is livid and storms round there to demand that everyone leave, least be subject to scandal. Sadly for him he is outnumbered and eventually ignored for the prospect of a delicious dessert and storms out the house.

Back in the kitchen, hormones are flying everywhere, i actually struggled to keep up with who likes who and what, but Daisy ends up doing the foxtrot with both the footman and getting a good telling off afterwards while Ivy’s intentions are misdirected at Jimmy, who apparently has his eyes on someone else, i haven’t figured who yet. Also downstairs tensions are rising when Jimmy is getting upset at the frequently over friendly Thomas and informs O’Brien of his worries who takes on a sinister eye to the information, no doubt concocting a plan against Thomas. Daisy’s may be getting in trouble in the kitchen but her fortunes are looking up when Mr Mason offers to leave his farm to run and everything he has, Daisy’s shocked and didn’t imagine she’d ever leave service.

Back upstairs the Dowager Duchess is not content to just watch Robert and Cora’s marriage fall apart so takes it upon herself to bring them back together; she demands that Dr Clarkson confess to his lack of understanding in this difficult field and basically lie to save them both. He of course is against lying however the Dowager doesn’t quite see it as that and expects him to research and the study the case again to get a better understanding of whether Sybil really would have died either way. In the end Cora and Robert except Dr Clarkson (slightly forced) confession and begin to grieve for their daughter together.


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