Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4

So, i was so absorbed with sewing that i forgot to post the latest episode of Downton, woops :D. Anyway, Anna is waiting patiently for letters from Bates, yet they never seem to arrive, she’s worried that Bates is being honorable and letting her forget about him, of course she’s not going to give up that easily. On the other end Bates is also having a shortage of letters, perhaps they’ve got lost in the post, yet he has been condemned a dangerous prisoner and the prison has stopped Anna from visiting him.

Ethel arrives at Mrs Crawley’s hoping to receive some help for her and her son, yet the shame of her current situation is too much and she leaves before Mrs Crawley can do anything, yet she’s determined not to give up either. Ethel sends a letter in the end, asking for help, not for her but for her son and hopes Mrs Crawley will arrange a meeting with the child’s grandparents, she wants to give him up so he has the chance of a better life, Mrs Crawley doesn’t agree, yet Mrs Hughes believes Ethel would be doing the right thing.

Back upstairs they receive a strange call from Sybil, she’s OK and she thinks that they are not following her, confused the families questions are soon answered when Tom arrives at the front door seeking sanctuary. He has run away after being implicated in the arson of a wealthy families house, Tom feels bad for what they have done yet is sticking with his principles and his dissatisfaction with the wealthy. Robert is livid that he could leave a pregnant woman alone in a strange country and when sybil does finally arrive, their passionate welcome is soon subdued when they realise that they can’t go back to Ireland or Tom will be arrested.

Quietly on the side Edith is beginning to come into her own and reads with dissatisfaction the situation on women’s right to vote and decides to write to the newspaper with her opinion, Robert thinks its a stupid idea and that they will not be interested, yet Matthew rallies behind her and Robert is eventually put in his place when the newspaper header reads ‘Lords daughter condemns voting bill’,  Edith is overjoyed with her little win.

Back in prison it comes to light that the officers had been hiding Bates’ letters from Anna and not delivering his, they are both overjoyed when the bundles arrive and their spirits rallied. We also have the arrival of two new staff, Jimmy the footman and new kitchen maid Ivy.

I had the thought that their might be a Xmas baby at Downtown, of course i am writing this after i watched the next episode and know the outcome, i was wrong.


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