Magic Monday

So, I’m on holiday from Monday (i actually have loads of holiday coming up before Xmas) so i figured this would be a sewing week, trying to get as many costumes done so i could move on to writing the pattern guides. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Arabella yet, she my 1590’s french farthingale dress pattern that was all the rage at the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

I started by drafting the pattern for a 1590’s corset onto my mannequin (i usually always make the pattern from scratch) which then surprised me how well it worked and then i used this as a base to draft a pattern. I cut all the individual pieces out and machine sewn the lines for the boning to go in. I used a quite flexible garden wire for this because it represented the boning used in these corsets quite well.

Sewing up the whole thing, i stitched the sides together and added metal eyelets to the front (obviously they wouldn’t have had metal eyelets back then, but when your really rubbish at sewing them like me, its much easier). I then began to cover up the edges with extra fabric and all round the corset.

I have not finished the shoulders yet because it was to late to use sewing machine, but that’s my next bit. Tomorrow I am hoping to complete the smock and farthingale.


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