Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 2

A little teaser from Sunday’s episode.

This second episode was filled with as much drama as the first; Mary and Matthew are back from there honeymoon and the first topic of discussion is Downton’s money worries. Lady Mary and the Dowager Countess aren’t as willing to give up as the Countess is and are determined to ‘flinch’ (i think was Matthew’s word) money from Mary’s grandmother Martha. While this goes on upstairs, downstairs Mrs Hughes has her own worries as she finds a lump which the test results later come back as inconclusive, suggesting it could be cancer?

Poor Edith has her own troubles when Robert steps in and asks Sir Anthony to stay away, Sir Anthony agree’s, believing he’s no good for Edith. Of course Edith is not going to give up that easy and finally breaks down her father with the time honored technique, crying and Sir Anthony is aloud to come to the very important dinner Downton is holding, the same dinner Mary and the Dowager are hoping to corner Martha for her money and show her how important Downton’s traditions are.

This all important dinner eventually goes to the pot; Robert ‘loses’ all his shirts (or O’Brien hides them to get back at Thomas for giving poor Alfred the wrong powder and ruining Matthew’s coat), Matthew’s coat doesn’t come in time form the tailor so he and Robert and both improperly dressed; the oven claps out leaving no cooked food, resulting in Martha creating an impromptu picnic around the house, with a bit of singing from herself as well.

In the end Mary and the Dowager don’t convince Martha to give her money up, or really she can’t as her late husband tied the money up to tight, but i don’t think they are going to give up that easily. Edith finally gets what she wants, the proposal was no where near as romantic as Matthew’s but i think their happiness will definitely equal.

From the trailer i think we definitely have a wedding on our hands in the next episode which i can’t wait for, they have leaked a few photo’s which is disappointing, but they are lovely.

A little teaser from episode 3, they mention leaving, WTF!!!


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