1860’s Crinoline

This little Crinoline basically developed into a 1860′ s design based on the way the wire felt like going that day. I had intended for 1840-50’s so i think i came quite close and am happy with the way that it turned out.


What i did with the strips of fabric was to put little eyelets in them so the wire was more flexiable so that when the whole thing is together i can bent the wire better into the right shape. This little crinoline was more about practicality and shape than being authentic so the final dress on top would look right, but at some point i would like to make one that is more authentic in design.
Ive already picked out some fabrics in purples and pinks and i’m sure i don’t have enough so im going to concerntrate on the designs right now. I did try my hand at drawing on this hear samsung galaxy tab – which i think in future i am going to call tabby for short lol – and i was rather impressed with my little sketches (i did try and draw the dog but that was awful), for those who know what they are doing i expect you can get really good results.



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