New Printer

Payday came and i bought a new printer, its a great printer, good quality and exactly what i will need for my little business, yet it took absolutely FOREVER to set up. I think it was mainly because of my computer and something to do with windows 7. My brother, the IT undergraduate student and two epson staff couldn’t figure out how to make it work, but in the end i did it, about 16 hours later. But i was so chuffed i made it work, i’m quite literally the technology repeller, but i did it and it made my day; i figured if i could make that work then i could do anything.

Also in between the printer drama i managed to finish my Victorian drawers and have started on making a little corset for it, which i haven’t finished yet. I’m quite happy with my little drawer set, i think i could have done a neater job though, but i am always in habit of rushing it.  Perhaps I’ll try a two piece as well, see which one will work the best. The two piece will probably be easier in pattern form.


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