I have finally finished that corset i started recently, yet i made it the wrong size so can’t display it on my mannequin, another lesson learnt when making small costumes, make sure its the right measurements….. I did laugh at myself tho.


My Victorian drawers with top is also coming along nicely, only a few little bits and its finished.

Not a very good picture taken so late at night but i will put up better ones when I’ve finished it.






2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. anastasia la fey says:

    The drawers look just so sweet – looking forward to seeing them all completed. How are you finding working on such a small scale? It looks to me that it would be a great deal more fiddly that working true to size?

    • cornishdreamer says:

      Hi, Thank you. I’ve realised its actually quite complicated, I’m having to come up with new ideas, like for boning, using toothpicks as there just the right size and having to sew eyelet by hand from tiny little holes. Its all got to be done by hand as well because its so easy to mess up on a sewing machine, so it takes longer to make them.

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