19th July

I caught a bus today, something i NEVER do anymore, wish i hadn’t as i must have been the only person under 65 on it. Yet, i sit there and i think about what they would all be wearing if it was the 1860’s or 1900’s and i have this time traveling going on in my head, makes the bus journey more enjoyable.

Anyway, the previous night i decided that i really wanted to make Victorian drawers with top, something like below, from 1880 – 1890.

I did this and i am quite happy with how it is going so far, yet when i attempted to put it on my little mannequin, with is one of those wooden figures for drawing, the pole keeping her up got in the way, so i thought, hey, i can just take it of the stand. This is what happened.

I don’t understand how i managed to knock her foot off as that was before i started using the hammer. But it could have been a lot worse, i was surprised she didn’t lose an arm.



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