Victorian Thieves

I seem to have an addiction to The Daily Mail, which is very annoying because i am sick of their spelling mistakes, but on the plus side they do come up with some randomly interesting articles. I came across this article about Victorian children who were caught thieving and stealing and sent to prison or hard labor. What they are wearing is interesting, even the poor children are wearing miniature adult outfits.


16th Century Corset in Progress

I’m a bit rusty, but its good to be back in the sewing saddle again. Thought i would start with something easy going, so decided to make an 16th Century corset, inspired by those lovely corsets Cate Blanchett wore in Elizabeth The Golden Age.

I spent ages drawing my pattern as little pieces of memory started to flood back in, but that went really well and i was impressed i didn’t forget anything. I’m making almost all my costumes miniature these days, because it makes you work harder and my resources are only stretching so far at the moment. It was great until i got to sewing the boning in (i’m using cocktail sticks that you get from your supermarket for this) when i realized the front looked great and the back looked awful, so bit to remember next time. I also missed out the long front on the corset that they had in the later half of the 16th century, not a big deal though, will do another one like it some other time. Sewing by hand reminds me how much i miss my ancient sewing machine, i’m going to have to rescue it from storage. I’ve almost finished it, so will post the finished product soon.

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I was suddenly inspired for ideas on patterns for handbags, any period really and came across this lovely picture of a white, 1830’s muslin dress with a purple reticule and thought it was lovely, very simple and something similar to a pattern i had come across in a book, Jane Austen’s Sewing Box. Inspired now to see if i can find anymore examples.